A letter to 2016

Dear 2016, You and I got off to a somewhat rocky start. There was some animosity in the beginning. It was my fault. I was suspicious of you- skeptical. I thought perhaps you were going to follow in the steps of your predecessor… 2015 sucked and I assumed you would too. I was wrong. Sure,…… Continue reading A letter to 2016

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For Those Who Are Weeping…

Recently my life was turned upside down. I experienced suffering that I had never known before. In some ways, I am still suffering. Over the weekend, Robert and I had the privilege of spending time away together. We were able to come alongside people from across the United States who were also struggling and glean…… Continue reading For Those Who Are Weeping…

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Postpartum Hacks: a few of my favorite things to help you rock the “4th trimester”

Postpartum. Sigh. Not only are you feeling slightly overwhelmed with taking care of this new person who relies on you for literally EVERYTHING, but you’re trying to heal from labor and delivery. Your hormones are bouncing off the walls, you’re exhausted beyond what you can imagine (unless of course you’ve had children before- in which…… Continue reading Postpartum Hacks: a few of my favorite things to help you rock the “4th trimester”

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Miriam Rose: an uneventful home birth story

So much has happened in our lives and within our family recently, but by far the sweetest among them was welcoming our fifth child into the world. Miriam Rose Garcia was born just 5 weeks ago. We were taken by surprise when she decided to make an appearance during my 38th week, and I was definitely not ready. But, the Lord’s timing was perfect and our little Early Bird truly arrived right on time.


A month ago today…

One month. It’s been one month, sweetest of babies, since I squeezed your daddy’s hands and he squeezed back ever so gently, helping me through the pain. It’s been one month since our sweet Melena spoke softly, suggesting movement or music to comfort me. It’s been one month since your bright-eyed sister asked, “Is it…… Continue reading A month ago today…

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Back to [Home]School – Our Curriculum for 2015

I’ve now seen two Back to School commercials. (I don’t watch TV much, so I’m sure there have been more.) And, I’m fairly certain that I heard a collective groan from every mother in Texas. Now, the whole “Back to School” season doesn’t mean a whole lot around here. Our school starts in March and…… Continue reading Back to [Home]School – Our Curriculum for 2015

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Silver Retreat 2015

Last Thursday I woke up long before dawn, (3:00 am to be exact) threw some suitcases in the car, and drove to the airport along with my momma. We boarded a tiny plane that took us to Dallas where we boarded a second plane that eventually landed at the destination that I’ve been waiting over…… Continue reading Silver Retreat 2015